Sunday, May 13, 2007

Toby's Tubes

Yes, this is Toby's ear. He has very nice looking ears. No notches or blemishes. However they now have some tubes in them so that they will drain properly. We started noticing that he was asking, "what," all the time and he liked the tv and radio up loud. I didn't know if it was just a kid thing or if there was something going on with his hearing. He's had 1 or 2 ear infections in his life so I was surprised when the specialist told us that he needed tubes and his adnoids removed. The doctor said he had tons of fluid back there. So on Friday they put my baby to sleep and he had his first surgery. He is doing great and hates the ear drops.

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Rachel said...

How scary! Any medical procedure on your baby is terrifying. I remember when Maddie got her first cold and I had to take her to the doctors, I was crying! You must have had to be very brave as the mommy!