Sunday, June 10, 2007

Joyschool "Gradulation"

Despite his potty-mouth, Toby managed to graduate, or "gradulate," as he called it, from Joyschool this past week. He loved going each week and it was a little saddening to see it end and see 2 of our friends, Brooke and Buzz move away. Such is life. Next year he will be going to a new preschool and is already talking about it.

Buzz, Hazel, Brooke, Landon, and Toby in their "gradulation hats."

Carol, Megan, Saydi, me, and Natalie in our kids' "gradulation hats." You can match the kids to their moms by the hat colors. Come on, it will be fun!


Ann said...

Love the kid in the two toned blue hat! Very cute. Hold onto your hat cause "tomorrow" it will be college graduation...which will be
a wee bit more expensive.

Liz Findlay said...

Ash- how's it going? Just found your blog via Jane's hot What's for Dinner. Your kids are beautiful and I hope you don't mind my perusing!! You guys look so happy!! I am so glad-- I was worried about you guys leaving SoCal but looks like all is well. We are in SLC visiting fam right now and I just passed my qualifying exams. Did I tell you I had twins? Remember that night for you birthday dinner and you guessed I was pregnant? Dave didn't even know because he was on a business trip!! Anyway, hope all is well with you and your cute fam. Those boys are going to be lookers!!Take care! Love, Liz

Megan said...

Hey Ashley! So, I ALSO just found your sight (from Jane's) and have loved reading about your boys, etc. While I didn't follow American Idol, I do have the same sentiments about the Bachelor outcome. Toby's vocabulary is a riot, I can't wait to have Michael read that post! And congratulations on the third! We've got one boy and one on the way any day now hopefully (it's not getting any cooler here in Salt Lake, so I don't want to carry around the extra weight much longer). Please tell Todd hello for us, how is he liking my old MIT (that's where he's working, right?)? Be in touch! love, megan rich