Monday, July 16, 2007

The Bronx Zoo

Grammy says she'd rather be in a cage with a tiger than this snake. I'd take the snake, personally.

My Mom has always called me "rubber face." Toby definately takes after his momma.

Who needs a double stroller these days?

Posing for a picture after the gorillas. We were very entertained by the cute babies wrestling, but mostly by the big daddy one that would eat something in his hand for 30 seconds, violently shake his head, barf up what he ate, eat what he barfed up into his hand and then start the cycle over again. Or were we more entertained by the one trying to nap on the branch in front of us while fingering his anus, then picking his nose, and then eating it? It's a toss up. It made me proud to see how far we've come.

Can you see my little bump? Errrgh.

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Ann said...

Loved the pictures! I forgot to take any with my camera so I'm forwarding visitors on my blog to your site. It was such a fun weekend with Ben and favorite part was their very early morning visits to my bedroom to coax me downstairs to play with the train.