Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What I missed out on...

Todd took the boys camping in Maine this past weekend with our good friends while I was working in Chicago. Due to bad planning on my part (ha ha everyone) I missed out on this fun weekend trip. Here are some snapshots of what I missed.

These are our good friends Megan and Erin and Brooke and Peter.

This is Toby and Ben's best friend Landon. We haven't told Ben that he was Toby's friend first. He adores Landon.

My 3 handsome boys

What I'm most sad about missing....Peter in his yimps.

Actually, this one makes me wish I was there most. So dang cute.

Ben woke up from a nap cranky and was snuggling on Todd's lap, but then he saw Toby sitting next to him and decided that was a more comforting place to be. I'm so glad my boys love each other. It melts my heart.

Enough Said.


Jared & Kelli Salter said...

These pictures make me sad that I wasn't there!! I can't wait to see you and your cute boys in three weeks. Yippee...


Ann said...

I love the picture in the tree and the boys hugging on the couch. Could they be any cuter? The swim suit and boots are a great look for Maine!

PapaRandy said...

So Cute!

Nathan Harris said...

Todd camping? Peter in his yimps? I really missed out. I wished our boys lived closer together.