Saturday, August 25, 2007

Demolition Derby and more White Trash Stuff

So we have developed this secret appreciation for demolition derbies and monster truck rallies. It started as a joke (most know the story of me and Todd before we were married) but now we really like it. So we have been waiting all year for this past Friday night. The boys could hardly contain themselves as we pulled up to the Marshfield fair to be greeted by the many "carnies." We were not disappointed.

This was Toby's orange car. He did okay til the end.

We couldn't leave without going on a few rides. My friend Megan and I got to do a big kid one, while the Dad's got to go on the "Crazy Bus" with the boys. Made Todd's night.


FoSHO said...

I can't blame you with demolition derbies. I went to a trailer race once, have you seen one of those? Way sweet.

Watts Family said...

Um. aren't you pregnant? Did you not read the sign that said that "expectant mothers should not ride this ride"? This would all be a mood point if the adult ride was let's say the merry-go-round.

Ann said...

Looks like good family fun except the part about the big kid ride. Really Ashley! Baby #3 will turn out wild and crazy if you keep this up. When will we know if it's a he or a she?

Casey said...

You guys look like so much fun! So I have a silly do you show links to friends and family's blogs on your blog??