Sunday, September 30, 2007

4 days Without Todd

I have a had a busier week this week. Todd left on Wednesday morning for Los Angeles where he had a conference for school. He spent his time presenting his research and talking with other academics. When I would talk to him on the phone he sounded as bored as he ever has. In his spare time he tried to meet up with his bros down south and surf. He borrowed Nate's board (I think) and said they got waves on Wednesday. The other days were pretty flat I hear. Anyway, this short trip reaffirmed his growing desire to be DONE with school and get back to the waves, oh yeah and get a job somewhere out there so he can feed his family of soon to be 5.

So while Todd was shmoozin' and surfin' I was home with the boys spankin' bottoms. Well, not really, but I SO wanted to on numerous occasions. For the most part my single-motherhood experience went well. I actually get a lot more done when he's out of town. My house is so much cleaner. And it's not because Todd is a slob. It's totally a mental thing with me. But there were times where I think Todd not being here was effecting the boys. It's amazing how sensitive they are to their environment and how much they NEED the presence of both parents in their lives, even if it's just for an hour before bed.

I tried to fill up our time and luckily we had some nice, HOT days this week. On Wednesday we went up to Wingaersheek beach again and played til 6pm there with my friends Whitney and Megan and their cute kids. Whitney and I decided that since we were currently husbandless (hers has been working til 3 am every night on Mitt's campaign) we should have a slumber party. So we put the kids to bed, talked for a while, watched America's Next Top Model and fell asleep.

On Friday night I hosted another slumber party for the young women in our ward. It was awful! They didn't fall asleep til 6:15 in the morning. For any of you who know my boys you know what early risers they are. 15 minutes later Toby and Ben walk into my room to get me up. I had gotten in bed at 2:30 and not fallen asleep til 5:45 because of the blaring loud movie downstairs and the constant giggling and screams below me. No more YW slumber parties for me! Amazingly, the boys slept through the whole night. As for our neighbor below us, I am still avoiding him because I'm sure he didn't sleep much either.

Some of the girls at the not-so-slumber-party

Saturday was really nice. We met up with Whitney out in Wellesley/Natick and went to this beautiful children's garden. I'm so jealous of everyone who lives out in that area. It is SO beautiful! The boys played for hours and had a great day exploring. I took a few pictures and could have 100 more because it was so picturesque. Todd got home at 5am this morning and the boys couldn't be happier. I'm pretty happy to have him home as well.


Ann said...

Loved the update and pictures. I've hosted one too many YW slumber (what a stupid name) parties during my life time so I was reliving it with your account!

Nancy said...

You find so many wonderful places to go and see and do with your kids! What a picturesque place to live! I also am glad I am done with slumber parties. When we have kids here that don't sleep, their parents get up with them.

PapaRandy said...

Is there no rest for the weary? Give your 3 boys a hug for me!

burnett family said...

Those are such cute pictures. So you got a dose of what we were like back in our YW days. Although I never stayed up very late. I was the first to "rest my eyes"