Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cabin Fever

We spent this past weekend in North Conway, New Hampshire with a group of our friends and their children. This was our second year doing this and we are so glad we did. We found a great cabin to rent out for the weekend, which housed 6 families quite comfortably. Last year's shack, I mean cabin, was rather scary so we made sure we'd be a little more comfortable. There was a nice snow storm the day before we got there so we had lots of snow to play in and then on Sunday we had another big storm, which gave us a great excuse to stay inside all day, eat, sleep and make each other laugh. The kids loved every second of it. We took them tubing at the nearby ski resort, played in the snow and let them run wild the whole weekend. Toby picked up a few XBox game skills (scary) and Ben made a girlfriend and developed a love for ping-pong. Once the kids were put to sleep at night the parents' game faces came on and we found things to keep us up til the wee hours of the night. We had a such a great time and hope that we can have another cabin adventure in 2008 with these guys.

Sorry Emily, this was the only picture I had of you guys! You're still hot.

Angi had prepared gingerbread houses for all the kids to eat. The girls enjoyed the art of the decorating, while the boys enjoyed the eating part more.

Angi also had cookies for the kids to decorate.

And ornaments for them to make.

And then she read stories to them, bathed them, fed them, and put them to bed for us. We actually just invited her with us to be our Nanny.

Ben's new girlie-friend.

Our last night we started doing dares. This freezer burn on Brooke's face was the result of the girl's dare to see who could stick their face in the snow outside the longest. I was the first one out due to my incontinence issues of late, then Megan, then Brooke, Saydi and of course Angi won! The last three all had red faces in the morning. I'll post some video if I get ahold of it.

Even the men pitched in to make this such a great weekend.


Brooke said...

What an awesome weekend! I want to go back:) Hey, what happened to 2008, you skipped right on to '09... the brain lapses must be related to the incontinence issue.

PS My face is still healing:(

Ashley said...

I know, I realized that when I read a christmas card today and was like oh yeah, it's still only 2007. Mommy brain.

Kimberly said...

So jealous! We love it up there and miss great weekend getaway options. Glad you had fun!

Ann said...

Can you bring Angi to our house for Christmas? What a fun weekend...but...Grammy is Ben's girlfriend!

britty said...

ashley, Ben is looking so much like Gavin and Miles. i had to do a double take to see if those guys were with you. hope all is well with you guys. Merry Christmas!

burnett family said...

That looks like it was pretty fun. You girls seem to be pretty crazy! I don't know if I could face plant in the snow!

Whitney said...

You guys have so much fun! This looks like a blast.

I am feeling much better, Ash, with the occasional random queasiness.

Merry Christmas you guys!