Monday, May 12, 2008

Some of you have already noticed my little link to our condo on the blog. We are moving in September(ish) and are looking for renters. Since craigslist only allows 4 pictures to be posted I've created a blog with pictures of most of the rooms of our home, hoping someone will see it and want to rent our place. I've linked it to the blog thinking that maybe someone who reads it will know someone moving out to Boston and refer them to it. So if you know of a family moving out here send them our way. Or if you just want to see where we've lived for the last 3 years (ehem my entire family except for my parents and Sam), you can also take a peek.


Ann said...

Every room looks lovely!

Linn said...

Ashley, I happen to know someone who is moving to Boston, but from the looks of that beauty, I am imagining it might be out of our price range. What are you asking?