Monday, June 23, 2008

We love the OBX

This is way overdue. We returned 2 weeks ago from our fabulous family reunion in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We had such a fun time. There was a total of 37 people there and we all stayed in the same house. Lucky for us Mom and Dad forked out the cash for a sweet house that we could all fit comfortably in, which made it so fun. We did a lot of eating, laughing, swimming, tanning, playing, dancing, arm wrestling, puzzling, Obama debating (or should I say arguing?), kayaking, and reconnecting. We loved every minute of it. My boys were in heaven with their 18 other cousins and it just felt so good to be with my parents and siblings again after not seeing them for so long.


ashley said...

i am so mad at myself cause we never made it to the banks when we were living in va. bummer! glad you guys had fun, that must have been one full and fun house!

Kimberly said...

That house (esp the pool) looks amazing. I'm glad you had fun, and so glad we got to see you!

darcie said...

FUN! Ashley, I can't get over your beautiful hair. My family is doing a beach house reunion in NC this summer. I can't wait.