Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who's Yo Daddy?

We got to have 4 generations of Harrises in our home this Father's Day weekend. We let them take their own day trip up the Mass and Maine coasts to see lighthouses and eat the local lobster. We didn't want to spoil their beautiful drive with crying babies and fighting boys in the back seat. They would never say it, but I'm sure they were thankful we passed up their offer. We met up with them at our favorite park for dinner and then had a wonderful Sunday with them.

Great Grandma and Grandad Harris

All my cute boys. The one in the middle is unquestionably the best Father in the world. We are so lucky!


*megan said...

Great photos Ash!
Todd looks like a happy father.

Emma said...

I love your blog. Except every time I visit I wonder how it's possible not to have a single bad picture... then I realize it's because of the subjects. You guys have the cutest family!

Ann said...

Thanks Ashley for being the perfect hostess and making our weekend visit so enjoyable!

PapaRandy said...

We will miss the trips to Boston to visit your family....Wait! You are moving even closer to us! HA!
We had a fun weekend. Thanks for hosting us and smiling politely when faced with the challenges of generation gaps!

Jade Dickson said...

Todd is such a good dad i hope i marry someone like todd!! He's a keeper.

Brooke said...

What with the beard? Makes him look old.

Chase sure has thickened up and wow, look at all that hair.

It was so good to chat with you today Ash. We miss you guys!