Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We had a fabulous 4th. Boston is such a great place to be on this holiday. There is so much history here. We're really going to miss it. We spent the day exploring Georges Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands not too far from where we live. The boys liked the ferry ride out there and then had a great time exploring Fort Warren, an old civil war fort. Highly recommend going out there for a little outing if you're in the Boston area. Our friends Angi and Randall met up with us there so the boys had Addi to explore with, she doesn't let those boys push her around too much so she's alright.

Toby's just taking in the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean...or is he?
The best part of the day was taking the family down to the Charles River for the famous Boston City fireworks show. The Boston Pops and Rascal Flats put on a show for it and we enjoyed the company of good friends. The best fireworks I've ever seen! Now the train ride home left something to be desired, but we'll erase that from our memories and call it the perfect 4th of July.


Nancy said...

Why haven't we ever come for the 4th while you lived there? You do so many fun things. We'll have to see you more in NY. Can we put you out of your bed?

Ann said...

How come we haven't been to the Charles for the 4th with kids in Boston for 10 years? The Oceanside fireworks were completely invisible in the fog but they made a big bang!

Brooke said...

Love the 4th in Boston! We did a SeaWorld San Antonio thing this year... blog soon to come.

Todd looks scary with that facial hair and old man look on his face. What's the deal?

Whitney said...

Wish we could have gotten it together enough to join you guys. Visiting the islands is on my list!