Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend in Coronado

This past week Todd and I (and Chase) were able to escape back to San Diego for a fabulous reunion with my college girlfriends and our spouses, whom all happen to get along great with one another. We were hosted by our dear friends Mike and Liz at Liz's family's beach home in Coronado. We had the best time catching up, laying out, riding bikes, eating delicious meals and playing some messed up games.

All the girls: Chelsea, Jaime, Mindy, Jeno, Me, Kristin, Liz,Karisa (missing Hilary)

102_3144I think Chase ate 1/2 cup of sand. I didn't measure it.


Our "Chinese" dinner in honor of the opening ceremonies.

Mindy brought her little Jack as well. Chase was, well...teething. Jack was an angel.

Todd picked up modeling while we were there, in between surfing and writing his thesis.
Thanks Mike and Liz!


Craig said...

That was a great trip. It was fun to catch up with you guys. Believe it or not since we've been home we've managed to dress ourselves and get ourselves to work on time all without your and Todd's help.

Ann said...

so i take it when you're blonde, you can't have brunette friends? looks like fun! i need to do that with my college roomies!

Kristin said...

those "messed up" games were your idea! (but i have to say, the 5 star ones lived up to the hype.)

megan said...

Can't wait to hear about the trip--if I even get to see you guys this week.