Monday, November 3, 2008

The Past 2 Months of My Life

Okay here I go...

Let's start back in August. So about 4 days before we packed up our home in Boston I got sick with the stomach flu. Not good when there is a few pages worth of stuff to get done. Todd was gone all day and night trying to finish his thesis. The kids wanted to help me with everything, which sounds sweet and delightful but their version of "help" and mine were two different things. Anyway, with the help of some great friends who were my "angels" in my life that week we got the place packed up and moved on a Friday.
We drove the Uhaul to the Harrises in Carmel, NY where we unloaded it all into one of the garages where it sat for 2 months. Yeah, I know...I have saints for in-laws. The following morning we again packed our bags and our car and headed for Montauk for Harris Family Camp. But about 2 hours before we left Toby walked in from playing outside and barfed all over the floor. Mmmm. So apparently he now had the infamous stomach flu that I had had a few days earlier. This sent chills up my Father in-law's spine. Was Family Camp going to be ruined by the stomach flu passing from one person to the next? Abby, Toby's cousin wanted to be as far away from Toby as she could and washed her hands every chance she could. We drove to the beach house in Montauk and had a great time with all of our Harris family. Of course the only decent waves were on Sunday and for some reason the guys didn't surf. Even if it was a "reverent" surf. We spent our time at the beach, driving through the Hamptons, singing American Idol karaoke and, yes folks, barfing. The flu spread like wild-fire nailing victim after victim. Without warning it would manifest itself all over, in front of all of us. The highlight would be the time Todd came up to the main room to hand me Chase who had just woken up from a nap and could not make it to the toilet fast enough and the closest thing was the disposal-free kitchen sink. Again...mmmm. Despite the barf fest, we had a great week and made some great memories.

The Family Camp Organizer Extraordinaire

W-w-w-wait Mom, I'm not ready yet
Okay, ready.

The week after our trip Todd defended his thesis. What a relief that was!

He had a week off before he started his new job so we spent some time together as a family and tried to soak up the quality time together.

Then he left us for 4 weeks to go train in Florida. I should also mention that Todd has taken a job with McKinsey & Company as a management consultant. But didn't he get his PhD in Biomedical Engineering you might ask? The interesting thing here is that these consulting firms have begun recruiting people like Todd because they like having people with his background, expertise, and analytical skills and have found that they can teach them the business skills they need in order to be an effective employee in their company. So that's what he was doing in Florida for 4 weeks. They call it a mini-MBA program. Anyway, we're also glad that is over because it was really hard to have our family be apart that long. I was lucky though and got to go stay with him for a weekend while my Mom watched the kids for me. While Todd was in Florida I went and stayed with my parents in San Clemente for 3 weeks where we...went to Disneyland

Watched my brother coach Mackenzie's soccer team
and played a little soccer
...made two visits to Legoland
...visited the animals at the San Diego Wild Animal Park to hang out with family (Uncle Adam)
Harris Cousins

...visited Irvine Regional Park

They were so great and really spoiled my boys. Toby and Ben began to think that every day was a new amusement park. We did Legoland twice, Disneyland, multiple zoos, lots of carousels, farris wheels, parks, etc. We had a great time and I'm so glad we decided to go while Todd was away, it really made it doable.

All the while, we still did not have a home. Once we got back to New York we began our apartment search in Manhattan. Long story short, we found a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment on the Upper West Side right next to Central Park, the Natural History Museum, and some great shopping and restaurants. During the 2 weeks before we moved to the city we were yet again spoiled at the Harrises and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and all that this area of the country has to offer.
Toby learned to ride a bike. He was doing pop a wheelies on day 2, literally.

Ben turned 3
We moved in last Saturday and I'm sitting here typing this blog from little apartment in the city. We LOVE it! I had a lot of nerves about what it was going to be like? If we were making the right decision? Blah blah blah. But I can say right now that I think I'm really going to like living here. The New York City Marathon was yesterday right at the end of our street. We walked by Michael Douglass and his son on our way home from church the other day (they live at the end of our street!). I couldn't find parking one day because they were filming Law and Order about 3 doors down. We walked by and watched them film for a little bit. So now I know the ending of that episode. The boys are doing great here. We walk everywhere. Well, at least I do. The boys ride their scooters all over town. They are so cute. Chase likes his stroller and we're getting the swing of things. I have my groceries delivered and absolutely love it! I HATE going grocery shopping so this is heaven sent.

Todd is staffed in the city until through December. He works really long hours but thankfully his weekends are free so we're going to make sure we pack in lots of fun for those two days. I'm just glad he's not commuting to and from work like we originally thought we'd do. I don't know how commuters do it. What a drag!

Well, I'm glad I got all this off my chest. Getting behind in blog world is the pits. One more thing to feel guilty about! Now I can just post our fun adventures here and hope we get lots of visitors.


Rachel said...

Wow! What a crazy, busy, fun month! I am so jealous of your time in New York City. Especially where your apartment is. That is my favorite part of the city. I want to see pictures of your apartment and neighborhood!

Ann said...

You did it! And survived to blog it! Even though we miss you...we are thankful that you are settled in your great new apartment.

Kristin said...

That's so funny! I was laying bed last night and I was thinking about you guys and how you were probably in NYC finally. I am so jealous! You have to post pics of your apartment. Craig and I are hoping to come out either Spring or Fall of next year, and I already can't wait.

McLove said...

Your family is so adorable glad you are liking your new place;)

Brittany Riesenberg said...

Hey Ashley! How exciting to be living there. I will be out there for a wedding in June! I would love to see you.

Meagan said...

Ashley that is my favorite part of the city I love the Natural History Museum! Can you make sure that your neighbor Michael will be around to welcome my arrival in Dec.

megan said...

AHHHHH!!! You're finally THERE. We miss you like crazy. You've definitely done way more than us in 2 months! Say hi to your tighty wighty neighbor!

PapaRandy said...

I miss seeing you and my cute grandkids. But I don't miss the barfing. Enjoy your city then hurry back to visit us in our country!

Trish said...

Hey Ash-
I am so excited for you guys to be settled. Your kids are all getting so big and Chase is absolutely adorable. What a fun adventure living in New York will be!
Take care-
Trish Campbell

darcie said...

i'm exhausted just reading about your life. how do you do it?! we're due for an adventure but we're just sitting on our butts in provo. suffice it to say, life is chill here.

Jaime said...

Ok, you make me want to move to CA right now!