Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanksgiving +2weeks

The Macy's Day Parade began 2 blocks up from us so we took full advantage of the close proximity. The day before we took the kids up and watched them fill up the big floats. Lots of people. Grammy and Papa got to spend a couple days here and shared the fun with us. 

We celebrated Turkey Day on Friday at the Harris' in Carmel where we enjoyed the weekend in there home (not 1000 square feet)
But then had to get back to real life, which for me means head injuries

and defiant children
Lucky for us, we got to escape our reality for a night and had fun at Todd's office party. This is how we would have looked at prom 10 years ago. Ow!
With the help of our dear friends Meagan and Madeline, our friends visiting from Utah, they babysat the boys while Todd and I didn't think about our kids for a good 4 hours. Sigh.
Meagan enjoying my cooking.

I think Madeline liked the cookies, the main staple in our home.


Kimberly said...

Ummm....ow. What happened??? Did he need stitches? Was a "defiant" child involved?

We need to see pictures of your place!

Kristin said...

What happened to Ben???

Leanne said...

Happy Holidays! I tried to leave a comment on Toby's blog but it wouldn't allow me.

Tricia said...

Hey Ashley! I heard from Kristen Toone that you're in NY now! I've been here almost 6 years, can you believe it? I'd love to see you! Shoot me an email,