Monday, February 16, 2009

The Harrises Do the Empire State Building [for some reason]

Every time we have a miserable experience taking the kids somewhere we swear off ever taking them on another outing. Somehow we forget our pledges and end up doing it all over again. This time we decided Saturday was the day we would do the Empire State Building. Basically we stood in a zillion lines, which was just a combination of one extremely long line, and then fought for a place to peak through and see the incredible view.  So here we are once again swearing off any future sight seeing until the kids are all over age 8. 


Ann said...

You gotta love the look on Toby's face. Although it can be a pain to drag them off to yet another outing...they are more excited than they will be at 16 (:

Brooke said...

In that first picture it looks like Toby isn't wearing a shirt. No wonder he is smiling so big!

Also, Ben's a stud. Look at him pose for the camera. Love it.

And Chase is huge. What a doll. We miss those boys.

Burnett Family said...

you are brave! I took the boys to the grocery store the other day with my mother in law and I am scared to go back! I can't imagine the Empire State Building with 3 little boys!

McLove said...

Your boys are just adorable:)