Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life is Good

Somedays I'd like to trade lives with someone else...but not today. Our weekend started on Thursday when the boys and I took the train up to visit Grammy and Papa's where cousins Ethan and Colin were hanging out while Kim and Jason were in San Diego for a few days. Toby and Ben loved every minute of it and they all got along surprisingly great! One thing that makes me sad about where I live is that my boys don't get to see their cousins very often so I try and take every opportunity we can to see them if they're in the area. We also got to visit with Kim and Jason who came into the city on Saturday with Ann and Randy. We went to dinner with Kim and Jason at Rockefeller Center that night and just missed the America's Next Top Model riots in the street...dang.

Colin and Chase tried to stay out of the way of the lions.

Aren't they the cutest?

There was lots of lion play. Ben is obsessed with The Lion King at the moment.

We love our backyard...

We recently discovered another great playground in the Park-it has this great slide that you can get extra speed on if you use the ripped up cardboard provided. The boys were in heaven, even Chase. Landon, you have to come back and try this you'll love it!

How fun will this be on a rainy day?

We really need some leaves on these trees...coming soon!!!


turleybenson said...

Hey my friend Tracy Bentley came to Boston for a minute this week--apparently, she's in your ward! You'll be happy to know she descrbed your boys as "very well behaved." So THERE, downstairs neighbor!!

Nancy said...

I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your lives with us from across the country. I can't wait to play with those boys.

mary said...

that is our favorite slide in the park. and those awesome roller skaters are out every saturday. this post almost made me wish we were back in NY.

Ann said...

The ultimate back yard indeed! You may be challenged to recreate it when you leave NYC. I miss the wild animals that roamed my home last week.

KRISTIN said...

please tell me where that slide is. my little guy would seriously love it.