Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Man

Todd turned 30 yesterday!

I intended to throw a huge unruly party but, alas, we have 2 friends and an apartment that could hold maybe 2 more than that so I scratched that idea, sent the kids to Grammy and Papa's for the weekend and we took off to the Jersey shore and hung out on the beach.

Lucky for us we had an amazingly warm day on Saturday and were able to lay on the beach in all of our butt-white glory. We did not care and because it was the Jersey shore we still managed to look better than everyone else on the beach-I wish I was bragging.

We decided we need an excuse like this every month to abandon our children and feel human again. Todd's been crazy busy with work- traveling Monday through Thursday and working INSANE hours. You would not approve so I won't tell you. So the get-away was much needed and much appreciated.

I cannot tell you how lucky we are to live near the Harrises out here and that they're willing to take our boys. Ann has been in the hot tub for the last 24 hours recovering though-this may be the last time they agree to it.

They did manage to bring them back alive and way too happy for some birthday cake and ice cream and our 2 friends joined us. I'll speak for Todd since he's too busy to speak for himself-it was a great birthday!


Nancy said...

I love that picture even if it is pretty old. I love Ann and Randy for how willing they are to play with those lively boys so you can get that break. Happy, happy birthday Todd! Wow! Aren't you glad to have a real job on your 30th birthday!

Alan Dickson said...

What a great picture of Todd and the boys! I'm glad you could get away for a brief time together. Those times are so important and beneficial. We love all of you.

PapaRandy said...

Part of the secret of a happy marriage; date once a week and get away from time to time without the kids! Lucky you live near enough to us you get to do this! See you this weekend!