Friday, May 22, 2009

Some of My Favorite People...

...came to visit!!!

Starting with Brad and Chanel. We met these guys while we were at BYU and we lived right around the corner from each other as newlyweds. Chanel wore some really cute shoes her first day of church and that's when I knew we could be life long friends. We lived in San Diego together too for a short while and since have done a decent job making sure we get together as much as possible. She's now pregnant with their third boy. These guys are like family to us and we love that they came to see us. Miracle-all 3 of the boys smiling AND looking at camera!

A day later my sister Lindsey surprised Harmon, her mate of 14 years, with a surprise anniversary gift and told him they were flying to New York in 5 hours for the weekend. She'd planned the trip months and months in advance without him knowing it. And despite a few curve balls he threw into the mix, she successfully kept it a secret. So fun!

We shipped the kids out to Grammy and Papa's for the weekend (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my inlaws?) and had such a fun time exploring this little city of ours with them.

You can't tell because I'm standing on my tippiest toes, but there is about a 7 inch height difference between us. Something went awry here. I was meant to be tall. Was it soccer? My high school vegetarian phase? Those lame fainting tricks we did on each other at slumber parties? All I know is that I have big feet, big hands, long arms (thanks to Megan for pointing this out to me a few years ago) and my firstborn is a small giant. good.

New York is always good for a celebrity run in- Jeff Probst from Survivor at Dylan's Candy Bar

Staten Island Ferry and Lady Liberty. Todd posed the question, "Why is Liberty a Lady?" We did not have an answer for him. Typical.

We discovered some super delicious places to eat and some super sketchy places to buy handbags, such as the back of an old black van in alley way off Canal Street and a secret closet with guards telling us when we could enter and exit. But got a killer deal on some genuine "leather" Coach bags. So come visit and we'll take you there!

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The Riesenberg Family said...

Hey Ashley, Tyson and I are coming out on the 4-8 of June, we would love to see you. email me at and maybe we could set something up.