Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Graduate

Despite the fact that Todd actually was awarded his PhD last summer and has been working for a year, he officially graduated with the class of 2009. So we made our way back to Boston and my parents met us there to sit through 4 hours of names at MIT's beautiful campus. It was supposed to rain, but never did so we considered ourselves lucky as it was outdoors and would have had to leave. We watched Todd receive his diploma on the jumbo-tron because there were so many people there. And because they split up the alphabet to call the names, Todd ended up being one of the VERY LAST ones called. We felt like we should be awarded some sort of diploma for waiting that long to hear his name called.

He looked pretty official in his gown. Good job Todder! And thanks Mom and Dad for coming!


Alan Dickson said...

We wouldn't have missed it for anything! Todd is officially the first person in my family to have a doctorate. Way to go Todd!

Brooke said...

Congrats hombre. Too bad we missed it... I remember you guys being troopers and sitting through Peter's graduation with Chase. We sure miss you guys.