Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Southern Blogging

Hey Y'all...I'm in Hilton Head, South Carolina right now. (and in my head that was said with a VERY southern drawl) 

(saw this crab on our beach today)

We have taken our last summer hurrah down here and are having way too much fun and being treated way too well thanks to Todd's hotel points! I guess working 100 hour weeks away from the family can be a good thing.

 A week from today Toby will go to his first day of Kindergarten (not that I'm counting) and I just can't believe summer will be over. Over! Seriously, it went way too fast. I don't know about yours but we had more rainy days than sunny days. What kind of summer is that? 

This is just a warning that I have pictures dating back to June that I need to post. 

Be ye Warned. 

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