Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He did it! He turned 4!

If you know Ben well and have been around him at any point in the past year, you'll know that he has been counting down the days and months til the big day when he turned 4. And today he did just that and couldn't be more proud of himself. I loved every minute of it.

This picture is so funny to me. "You are special today...here's some heated up chicken nuggets."

After a day filled with little "specials" we finished it with whatever dinner he chose...which, to no surprise, was chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. Mmmm. So we all joined him in this dinner and some birthday cake and ice cream, made just to his liking. There was a lot of twinkle fingers today so I know it was a good day for him. This little guy has charmed us from day one and we consider ourselves very lucky to be his family. Here's to many more joy-filled years with you Ben-Ben!


Melissa said...

ahhhh! how do your boys get any cuter? They are seriously so gorgeous! You sounds like such an incredible mom...no surprise there :) xoxo Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

Nancy said...

Yep,when I visited last March Ben was talking about his birthday and when he would turn 4. I remember that beautiful baby 4 years ago. He is such a great boy! Happy Birthday Ben! I love you! Nana

Ann said...

The fish hat picture says it all! I am so happy that you are FINALLY 4 Ben!

Watts Family said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Those mickey mouse nuggets are disgusting... They stink up the microwave! Hey Ash, you know what that cake plate makes me think of? When we were all newly married, you and I made a cake for Todd's birthday and somehow most of the frosting melted off the plate. We ended up with a mess but it still tasted great. Do you remember that?