Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Soon after school began Toby begged to set up a lemonade stand. I was hesitant because I didn't want him to be disappointed with a lack of customers. Who knew these cute faces could make so much money in one hour? Most of the customers didn't want the lemonade and gave well over the "25 cents or 50 cents" price. $19 was the grand total for their hour's worth of work. Hmmm what else could I have them sit there and sell?


Angi said...

I'm tellin' ya that's where the money's at.

PS I LOVE you family pictures!! You're so styilish, someday I'll be able to afford your services. And you should know I've been wearing more COLOR.

allison sara said...
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allison sara said...

Hi Ashley :)

Love the new photo at the top -- really great!

I thought of you just now when a song by Kellie Pickler came on my Pandora radio -- the photo of her on the album cover reminded me of you. I don't know if you even like country music, or really who she is, but I'm glad to see you and Todd and the boys are doing well :)

Benjamin and I will likely be in Boston for the next few years, and it would be fun to get together again!

take care,

McLove said...

I LOVE the picture on your blog header. You have a beautiful family and you look gorgeous!! Hope you are enjoying Boston!