Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Morning

Santa found us 3000 miles away from home amazingly. The boys were a bit concerned that he wouldn't realize we were in California this year.

But he came down a chimney, we're not sure which one (Ben was very concerned about that), ate cookies, the reindeer ate some carrots, and left a bunch of presents that the boys had written on their lists, including a snow globe for Toby. Unfortunately for Ben, he did not bring him "pokey things to beat up Jonathon [one of Toby's friends who sometimes is not nice to Ben]."

There's always next year, Ben.


Melissa said...

your boys are the cutest thing ever! You make me want boys so bad! miss you would love to see you next time you are around :) xoxo

Ann said...

You tell Ben that Grammy will "take care" of Jonathan.

Hampers said...

Nice blog. Glad to see that you had a great time on Christmas. May your world be filled with good cheer and happy spirits