Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling Done

Aaaahhhh...the kids are asleep and Todd will be back in town tonight. I like Thursday nights. It's almost like having 2 Fridays for me. I look forward to Thursdays now as much as I do Fridays. Even though he locks himself in the office on Fridays and we only see him when he has to pee or when he wants food, it's still nice to know that he's here and not in Pennsylvania or New Jersey or wherever the heck he goes...I really don't ask anymore.

I'm caught up with all my pictures from the holidays so that's a relief. It took about a week for me to settle in to the routine of my normal life but it is good now and I'm feeling more in control lately.

I have numerous projects I've been working on for our home, mostly in my head, but some have been actualized. I repainted my kitchen for the third time and the upstairs bathroom the first week we got home. As soon as I walked through our front door I had this unbearably strong urge to redecorate- or in some cases just decorate. Or just to finally unpack the boxes that hadn't been touched yet. It's been good for my psyche right now-the winter does weird things to my head. I'm not good with being cooped up with not much do so I might as well make it pretty.

Current projects:

-kitchen curtains made out of tea towels-so easy.
-recovering chair cushions
-converting my "junk room" into a work space
-figuring out wall colors that will match my new aqua kitchen color-yikes!
-painting those walls-for the millionth time.

I'll post pictures soon. If anyone has some good decorating sites they love let me know.


Ming said...

I love redecorating! I think that's why I like to move every couple of gives me an excuse to start completely over. Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to see the pictures.

Meagan said...

Ashley life seems so easy to do all these projects maybe time for baby number 4.