Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Left Side of Ben's Face

Ben's face got a little messed up over the past month.

First, he fell off a wall and landed on a sharp corner of metal box at the bottom of a lamp post, leaving a very wide gash below and to the left of his left eye.

5 days later, minutes after arriving at the Ventura beach house Ben walks in with blood running from his left eyebrow and had to be taken to an urgent care to have it glued together. He said he walked into the door frame.

And then shortly after getting back to Boston Chase decided to take a bite out of Ben's left cheek.

The bite and the brow are healing nicely, it's the dent under his eye I'm worried about. It looks like a dimple now. I hope it's just scar tissue that will work itself out. He's still pretty cute, battle-wounds and all.

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