Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Lesson of Selflessness

I had a very sweet moment with Toby today.

He is in Kindergarten now and is beginning to act more and more grown up. The disaster in Haiti has been weighing very heavy on my heart since it happened and we've had a few discussions about it with the boys, explaining the science behind earthquakes and also trying to teach them about why something like this would happen. The boys were mostly concerned about how an earthquake works and what would happen to our house, etc.

But this morning before Toby went to school, out of the blue, he went up and got all of his money in his wallet which is way more than I have in mine, and the money still on a ribbon from one of his birthday presents and told me he wanted to put it in an envelope to give to Haiti.

What it would be like to be as selfless as this 6 year old boy- who agonizes over having to spend any money of his own on a toy at Target- but who would give it all to these people without a second thought.

What a sweet boy.


Melissa said...

Sweet boy with a sweet heart just like his mom. Love that. Must be those things that make parenting so amazing. :)

Nancy said...

There is a depth to that kid, that shows up now and then. Encourage it, it is rare. Love that boy and those that are raising him. Once in a while you get a payday.

Burnett Family said...

How sweet of Toby. I know how much his money means to him at 6 years old. What a nice kid!

Ann said...

"Except ye become as a little child"....Very touching. Thanks for sharing.

Gian and Andrea said...

children are the wisest of us

nicokekeematipili said...

I miss you guys
I started a blog
getting ideas from my favorite bloggers!