Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Boys

(On the new trail along San Clemente)

I had a number of moments during our vacation where I looked up at my little family of boys and thought to myself this is what I've always wanted.

I always pictured myself raising a bunch of boys with maybe a girl at then end. We'll see what the future has in store in the girl department, but for now I'm loving these little boys. They are doing everything little boys do and cracking me up and driving me crazy as they do it all. I keep telling myself that they'll grow out of this crazy stage, but part of me knows it's just the beginning of things to come.

Especially with Chase in the picture-this kid is dangerous! He said his first sentence yesterday, "I push baby," after he confessed pushing our little friend Emmeline (who just learned to walk) down the stairs. I don't know if he was feeling remorse for it or just proud of his ability to say a complete sentence but he kept saying it over and over today. He keeps us laughing! Pushing Emmeline, definitely not funny though.

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ashley said...

yes, i see you at the beach with your little boys. that is just what your life should be like...