Monday, January 11, 2010

Sun=Happy, Snow=Not

Can someone tell me why I'm back in this miserable 20 degree place called Boston and not laying in the sun in my "evil" swimsuit at my parent's pool in San Clemente? Cause for the last 3 weeks life was pretty dang good there. I had my husband, my boys were in cousin heaven, and the sun- oh the sun. What a beautiful thing the sun is. I know my life will be taken from me prematurely because of my love affair with the sun but I think I've come to terms with it. It is so good for me.

The thought of doing one big post to catch my blog up to speed sounds so daunting so I think I'm going to make a goal to post a short one every day until I feel caught up. I'm laughing to myself right now because even as I type that I have no faith that I will actually do this. That's why I don't really make New Year's resolutions either. I'm really bad at follow-thru. We'll see.
Our flight out to California was pretty good. We got there at what would've been 1am Boston time so the boys were in rare form. Chase was absolutely hilariously adorable as he ran off the plane and thru the terminal in his Superman pjs and Lightning McQueen backpack yelling and waving "Hi!" to every person he passed.

I think it wore him out because while we waited for our awesome Chrysler Seabring(Oh yes, a family of 5 can fit in one if you're trying to save a buck.)I looked down to find this:


Ann said...

Hilariously Adorable for sure.

Nathan said...

You guys are all talk and no walk. :) We're just waiting for you to make the move back to the land of milk and honey (and sun).

Nancy said...

Oh I miss that baby in my closet! Cartoons at 4:30 am would be a treat for just one tight hug!

Kimberly said...

Jason feels about diet soda the way you do about the sun. Worth the trade off.

Even NC is too cold for me right now. Maybe we should all move to So. Cal.