Monday, February 1, 2010

Coco Key

We have been looking forward to our Coco Keys weekend for the past month, I might have been even more so than the boys. Which is rather odd, because clearly, who wants to be seen in a bathing suit in the dead of winter under flourescent lighting? I think it was just the idea of not being trapped inside the house for the 4th weekend in a row that was so dreamy to me. Coco Keys is an indoor waterpark about 30 minutes north of us. We went up Friday afternoon, met a bunch of our friends there, stayed the night at the hotel it's connected to, and played again on Saturday. The kids had a blast even though we all agreed it needed to be 10 degrees warmer for it to be more enjoyable.

Also, Ben learned how to swim without any floaties while we were there. He was super proud of himself!

The pictures aren't great-something obviously was on my lens or that's just the chlorine fumes. Most likely the chlorine.

(definitely recommend getting a cabana for napping!)


Angi said...

Insanely jealous, missing you guys!

Ann said...

Wanted to see you in your new 1 PIECE!