Saturday, March 13, 2010

City Posters

I'm wanting to put up some poster art on one of my walls with maps of the places we've lived as a family. I really like these from Ork.

Unfortunately Ork hasn't created a San Diego one. And for some reason, Provo, Ut did not make it onto their site yet either. Once they get those then we'll have a collection of all the places we've lived together.
I think this one is cute for the boys. But I kind of like it for me too. I found it at my new favorite site threepotatofour. I think I might need that cute orange phone as well. Too bad the poster's out of stock. Todd will not be sad about that though.


Andrea said...

We LOVE those posters. We bought the Brooklyn one. I can't remember if we got a Manhattan one too or not. Such a good find!

Angi said...

I love this idea and I just might be stealing it...I'll give you full credit though.