Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Force

We spent a couple hours at a nearby park with some friends today. As I went to go load Ben and Chase into the car I walked around to the other side where Chase, who insists on doing everything on his own these days, panicked as he saw me approaching. He took a wide defensive stance, held his left palm up facing me and said, "Force,"as he shot some magic Jedi power my way. It actually worked though because I couldn't help him into the car because I was laughing too much.

I'm really considering just raising them as Jedi's.


Ann said...

May The Force be with you!

Kimberly said...

Did you know Colin picked up one of your boys' frequently used phrases from our time with you?

He runs around the house yelling "I win!!!" About everything.

Not a Jedi phrase...but it makes me think of you!

Ashley said...

Are you sure he didn't pick that up from Grammy?! :)

Ann said...

Ashley's latest blog makes it very clear where Colin picked up the "I win" phrase