Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Own Personal Rodeo

For most of my life while living with my parents I can remember there being many a rodeo watched on our family room T.V. My Dad had a thing for anything cowboy-ish (that kind of sounded Brokeback Mountain-ish, but not like that) and so if that's what he was watching, that's what we all ended up watching. I recall one of the competitions was to jump off your horse and tie up a baby calf and I remember always feeling bad for that poor little cow and thinking what a dumb sport it was.

Little did I know that I should've been taking notes because one day I would be playing this same sport in the form of getting my kids dressed multiple times a day. It's like as soon as they see me take my eye off them to reach for the second sock or the final shoe they just take off as fast as they can in any direction for no reason. And then when I finally grab them I literally have to sit on them in weird positions with the one unfinished limb wriggling around until I've finished them off. I feel exhausted by the end just like those cowboys who roped their cows. But at the same time victorious.

Because I always win.

I always win.


Ann said...

And that is are a WINNER!

Ming said...

I always felt bad for those poor calves too. I like the image of you wrestling those three boys.

Sam said...

Do you always win, or are you and your boys playing by different rules? I'm convinced that kids' goals include being able to get their clothes so they can go do whatever it is they're getting dressed for, and at the same time, they like to:

1. Learn a little anatomy by seeing which veins they can get to pop out of your neck and forehead.

2. Learn vocabulary, as I'm sure they've managed to coax some choice words out of you in the process.

3. Make you sweat. They feel like it's their duty.

4. Let you feel like you have control of the situation, even though the reality is they just forced you to expend a lot of energy to do something they wanted done anyway.

Kids are devious like that.

Brooke and Tyler Todd said...

That is hilarious and so true!

Brooke said...

Yeah... I can totally see you doing this:)

What parents hasn't done this at one point or another?