Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poor 3rd Child

This is what happens to the 3rd child. Breakfast? Check.
(and if you're wondering if that is the hotel carpet? yes, it very much is. he's probably healthier than your kid though.)


Melissa said...

you have the cutest little boys and your blog cracks me up! I love it... have a great time in Bali!!!

Andrea said...

Oh, that only happened with your 3rd kid? You should see my 2nd.

Alan Dickson said...

Chase has learned at a very early age that M&M's and Pepsi is the true "breakfast of champions". He is quite precocious to have learned this so early. As his taste buds mature, he will learn that almond M&M's have more nutrition value and an element of fruit to them. Until then, he is doing just fine.

nicokekeematipili said...

LOL- like always with your blogs