Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snow Shoeing at the Gore Mansion

Back in February or was it March? I can't remember. But a long time ago we went snow shoeing at the Gore Mansion here in Boston (Governor Christopher Gore-duh, and no relation to Al Gore we found out).
Todd had the day off, I think it was a holiday, and we had gotten a ton of snow the week before. Unfortunately a lot of it had melted. But we still thought it would be fun to try something new. We rented these snow shoes and stomped around the estate grounds looking for the things on the scavenger hunt map they gave us. I think we found 2 of the things on it, we mostly looked for fresh snow that didn't already have tracks on it or grass peaking through.

Chase rode in the Ergo on Todd's back
The Mansion

This is something that I will miss when we move back to California- no not the cold, or the snow- but being able to find little things like this that I didn't grow up with as a kid. I'm 28 and this was the first time I've put on snow shoes. Not that snow shoeing was on my bucket list, but hey.


Nancy said...

You will still find fun and interesting things to do in CA, because that is who you have become. You may have to travel a little further. I wish I had seen and done as much as you have already in your live.

Amberly said...

Ashley, So fun to hear from you! We are currently living in San Diego. Todd received a fellowship and so we moved back here a year and a half ago. We are back in Mesa. It's been a bit surreal! Todd will finish up this summer and we'll be moving to Utah. We're waiting to hear back on a job with the church history dept. If he doesn't get that job we'll find some kind of job and he'll start applying again in November. It's been a horrible year to try and find a job.

Your boys are darling. I can already picture them as little surfers. It looks like you've had an exciting adventure living back East but I'm happy for you that you get to move home!

Lillie said...

My sister once had a dream that I had a super cute house. And I remember thinking--- what did it look like? What should I do? I want to have the house of your dreams! she's got really good taste. I'm feeling it again. Any tips?!

A rabbit collection--- SO me. They sit on a shelf next to my trophys and my wrought iron bed... and not the new, cool kind.

darcie said...

ok, i'm amazed the ergo is still getting used considering how old chase is, which makes me think it would be a very good investment. i have 2 bjorns and 2 slings so i'm hesitant to get another carrier, but i wonder if kids like being on the back better. go ahead and post and ergo testimonial to convince me.