Thursday, April 29, 2010


I want to post a few of these pictures so I can see my cute boys while I'm away from them for a week. We're going to Bali and meeting Brad and Chanel there who also are leaving their 3 boys. I always get a little anxious before I mind just can't help but go to the worst possible scenarios.

This was them on the trampoline with their friends. As usual, it always ends with their shirts off and lots of flexing.


Ann said...

I always had the same anxieties when I left my kids for a get-a-way, uncertain how they could survive without me and wondering if anyone else could survive them. (I, too have a very active imagnation and conjured up all kinds of disasters. Once I was away I was fine and you will be too, If it helps you are leaving them with someone who LOVES them very much!

Andrea said...

They're so cute! Have fun in Bali and be safe!