Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 2

We woke up early to rain outside, but the kind of rain that comes and goes in 85 degree tropical weather. We took a run along the beach trail that took us through many other resort fronts along Nusa Dua and by the time we got back we looked and felt like we had sweat every drop of liquid out of our bodies. So satisfying.

We ate breakfast at the resort which we decided not to do again since we could get food so much cheaper outside the resort (it's really inexpensive here), but the food was still good-really yummy breads and fruit.
We took a taxi over to Ulu Watu on the West side of the island (about 30 minutes away) to look for some surf. We first checked out Padang Padang, which we had to walk down these cool narrow steps through a cave to get to this beautiful cove
After getting mobbed by about 5 ladies holding shirts, dresses, and sarongs and begging us to buy everything they held in their arms we decided to wait to see if the waves got bigger while we went to to a nearby temple.

Ulu Watu temple (the people here are mostly Hindu)sits on the cliff and overlooks the ocean. The view was incredible. On the temple premises were tons of mischievous monkeys, mostly didn't bother you, but we saw a few of them snatch hats, sunglasses from people, hoping to get a new play toy. There were some adorable little baby ones that clung to their mommas, which made me and Chanel miss our little ones back home.

We headed back to Nusa Dua where we got some very affordable massages at the DH Spa while the men rented some scooters (or "hogs" as Todd likes to call them) and went back to find good waves. Chanel and I were a little worried about them-the drivers are crazy here. Tons of people on motorcycles and there seems to be not very many rules, except to drive on the left side, which can be confusing. Luckily they returned home not too long after dark with the biggest smiles on their faces. I guess the scooter ride back was extremely exciting for them-in their words they said it was like playing playing a video game.

We ate dinner at the shopping area close to our resort and by the end were all ready to get some sleep.


Nancy said...

That is way cool that you are blogging your trip as you go. Keep it up. It looks wonderful there! We heard there was an earthquake in Sumatra and wondered if you felt the effects of it at all. Maybe higher surf?

Ann said...

Ben says: "I like those monkeys"

Toby says: "I like the monkeys and your skirt dad"

Grammy says: "Are those hogs safe?"

kelly said...

you are way too cute ashley. for some reason this took me back to our thailand days.