Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 4

We woke up early to go up to Ubud about an hour and a half north of us to go on a bike tour through some of the countryside which consists of rice patties and more rice patties.

It was, everybody now: "Beautiful and Amazing!"
Breakfast overlooking some rice patties
Chanel and I decided we have no reason to complain about our laundry rooms or our kitchens

If we look somewhat skeptical, it's cause we're not quite convinced that teeth-shaving is a good idea. They do this to the teenagers when the girls get their first period and the boys voices start cracking.
But we did think it might be fun to save our placentas after we give birth and then bury them in our front yards and place a stone as a marker til the kids move out. The best part is that the husbands are the ones that have to clean the placentas before they are buried. Yum.
Riding thru the local villages near Ubud
Visiting the rice fields. I'll never complain about my job again.
The end of the bike ride got a little harder and muddier.
Next time I won't wear a skirt and flip flops.
We ended it at Baggi's home (he runs the tour) where his wife had a home cooked meal waiting for us and it was scrumptious!

We met this awkward, but hilarious, guy Stu on our ride.
We ended our day doing some bargaining in Ubud and found another cool temple to take a picture in front of.


Brooke said...

Ann made a comment on FB about you guys being in Bali so I thought I'd check out your trip. I am soooo jealous! Greg and I will be sure to make a trip to Bali some day.

Watts Family said...

one part of this day that was not discussed enough and probably forgotten was during lunch at Baggi's when that dude from Australia all of the sudden blurts out, "so, do you guys from the US have Biebah Feevah?!" i was thinking about that today and completely out of context his question was...brad