Monday, June 7, 2010

Davis Bell and Friends Run the Ragnar

4 days after returning back from our trip and being totally jet lagged, we ran a 185 mile relay called the Ragnar with 10 of our friends from New York. It started in Woodstock, New York and went almost to New York City.

It was my first race I've ran and it was pretty awesome. We had some good laughs and some good runs. It took us about 28 hours to finish the race. I must say running through the backwoods of New York at 3 am with sometimes absolutely no one around was a pretty gnarly experience.

This us at the beginning of the race

Todd started the race for our team, "Davis Bell and Friends."

My last leg. I'm smiling cause I was so glad to be done!
Us at the finish line. None of us could walk.
Big thanks to our Sponsors:
I slept very well that night.


kelly said...

insane! & i think you're smiling because you're so freakin' hot & tan & it's barely summer!

Brooke said...

Impressive... and yeah, I'd smile too if I had that body!