Monday, June 7, 2010

Days 7-9

Our last day in Bali was spent relaxing at our hotel at the beach and pool. Todd of course spent half of it surfing at Ulu Beach for the last time. We soaked up as many rays as we could and tried to take it all in before we had to return to reality.
Our flight didn't leave Bali til 2am so after dinner Chanel and I got pedicures while the men went back to the room and slept. I got a cute picture of this!

We arrived in Taiwan for a long 9 hour layover. We left our bags in a storage area and took a free tour of Taipei provided by the People's Republic of China. A bus picked us up from the terminal and took us to a couple of old, famous streets in the city so we got a little picture of what Taipei was like. Cool, but nothing compared to Bali.

We said goodbye to Brad and Chanel later that day as we boarded our flight to Alaska/JFK and their's to LA/Salt Lake. We had the best trip and all agree that even with the torturously long flight there, we'd definitely go back to Bali.

I've been washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner I took from the hotel just so I can have those smells remind me that it was not a dream and that I did indeed visit one of the most beautiful and amazing places on this earth. The Balinese people were wonderful and in the short week that I was there I learned a few things about humanity from them and I think I came out a better person because of it. Maybe even a better driver with less road rage (they never get mad)!

Til we meet again Bali!

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ashley said...

awesome! some friends of mine just got back from there and from your stories and theirs i want to go sooo bad! glad you guys had fun!