Sunday, October 31, 2010

Look What We Did in October:

Went with the Harris cousins to the Outer Banks for a week:

Held some snakes:

Got to play with more cousins, this time Dicksons, who came out from North Carolina. We went to Irvine Park to check out all the fun Halloween stuff and of course a hay ride.

Played a lot of soccer even though the rain tried to rain us out this month.

(Turned 29 years old in the middle of the month!)

Celebrated Ben's 5th Birthday with a Star Wars party and lots of sugar right before Halloween.

Field trip with Ben's preschool to the local petting zoo.

Did lots of this:

And ended it with Halloween:

I always look forward to October but am equally glad to see it end.


Brooke said...

I seem to recall your in-laws in those same costumes a few years back at a rockin' Halloween party. They're awesome.

Ann said...

So thankful we were able to spend some October time with you! And yes Brooke those costumes are a few years old. We used to have to stuff them (: