Friday, February 18, 2011


Oh  you know, just another typical day for us...

Picked up the kids from school and headed up to the happiest place on Earth for a couple hours.

I love Toby's face in this-he's look up at the impending doom of the Toontown roller coaster. 

Then drove further north to Hollywood where we rolled our sweet Odyssey into the W Hotel and unloaded our newly acquired McDonald's toys and pillow pets into the bell boy's arms, not to mention one of my sleeping children. Yes, we are pretty fancy people. We blend right in here with all these swanky Hollywoodians. Well, maybe Toby does.
Pooped out Chase and Ben
Todd should be getting in from New York in another hour and will meet us here. We're looking forward to our long President's weekend and are heading up to San Luis Obispo tomorrow to hang out with Ryan and Leanne who just moved up there and we're going to go visit their new place.

I think we'll take a little drive through Hollywood Hills before we hit the road, just to scope out a future place of our own next to all the celebs.

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Angi said...

Wow! and I thought Utah was fancy. :)