Saturday, February 26, 2011

Remember Christmas 2 months ago?

We had such a good Christmas that it would be a shame to not have any sort of record of it. We didn't go anywhere for the first time in, I think, EVER...and it was really really nice. People came to where we lived this time which made it more relaxing, but in no way less eventful. We had cousins galore around and the kids were in heaven for 2 weeks. I also was in heaven because Todd had 2 weeks off of work and so I had a Husband again. 

Tree decorating at Nana and Papas turned out to be a jumping event. No broken bones. 
One year I'm going to go all out and bake my own gingerbread for decorating, but once again it was the Costco special. The boys didn't seem to mind. And we've learned to not keep them around as decoration and just eat them over the next few days. 
We reflected on our year this past year and the many events that changed our lives, the most important being the passing of our sweet nephew and the boys' cousin Max. They brought some decorations for his tree to his memorial site. We miss him every day. 
Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's with JR's and Adam's families. Bailey was the director/producer, as always.  
Christmas came and despite all the naughtiness through the year, so did Santa.

Sunny, Lindsey and Sam and families came after Christmas and we played, played, played. I think we did Dodgeball at the church at least 3 times while they were here...look at the faces on the men and you'll get a feel for the competition. It was a mixture of laughter, screaming, and many tears from the little ones who got a ball to the face at times.

(thanks Lindsay, I stole your pics from your blog!) 

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Halle said...

How can you post that picture of Todd in those footsie pajamas and not comment on them! Those are classic!