Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To blog or not to blog...

Why is blogging such a pain sometimes? I think I need a blog makeover and then maybe I'll get into it again. I look at some of my friend's blogs and am in awe over how cute their layouts are, how perfect their pictures always turn out and how in the world they're able to stay on top of their blog and keep it current and still pay attention to their kids.

Every night I am faced with the same dilemma: do I sit down at the computer, upload all my photos and catch up my blog? Or do I sit my fat pregnant butt down in my messy family room and catch up on my "Real Housewives of [wherever]," "Bachelor," "Oprah," "Glee," "SNL," and now "American Idol?" It's not really a dilemma because my DVR always seems to win.

But I'm haunted.

I'm haunted each time I look at my kids and realize they've grown an inch taller, they've lost another tooth, or they've added a new phrase to their vocabulary (many that need editing or soap) and I'm not keeping a record of it. I know I can't capture every moment I have with them on this sorry blog of mine, but I need to make a better attempt.

Yesterday, Toby finally let me cut his hair. It's been a battle for the past month or more. The funny thing was that it took the influence of his friend, who happens to be a cute little girl, to get him to do it. His friend Kylie who lives next door came over for a minute and I asked her what she thought of Toby's long hair. I showed her a picture of him at the beginning of the school year when it was short and had her cast her vote. She said very sweetly that she liked him better with the shorter hair. A little while later Toby came to me and told me that I could cut his hair exactly to the length of the hair in the picture.

I reflected on what I had just witnessed. And so begins the era of other women (or little girls in this case) having more influence on my boy than I do. If only I would have known the power of Kylie a couple months ago, I would have saved myself a lot of arguing.

I've been debating whether to set this goal or not, and mostly because I'm the worst at following through on my goals (I won't tell you about my goal to not eat sweets for a year that didn't even last 48 hours-that would be embarrassing/pathetic) but I'm going to do it. I'm doing the 30 day blog thing. I'm going to force myself to post something-anything-for 30 days. So get ready!!! It's going to be enlightening.

Let's see if I can break my 48 hour record.


McLove said...

Hey Ashley:) Your boys are adorable! I ran into them and your husband at Sea World a little while ago. How are you guys liking San Clemente? We are living in San Diego right now but are going to be moving up that way in a couple months. Would be fun to get together:) Good luck with your goal!

Ming said...

Hooray! I love it when you blog. Who cares what it looks like (most people, myself included, read most posts on their google reader accounts anyway, so rarely do you see the actual blog layout.) The important thing is that you do it for yourself and your kids. And hey, we like to read it when you do. No pressure ;)

Ann said...

This is such good news to me. I miss the comic relief of your life in my life. And I mean that in a very good way.

Team Pope said...

Hey! I never said congrats on the girl! I'm so excited for you guys. And I'm excited you'll be posting this month... there's never a dull moment with the Harris family :) Also wanted to let you know Morgan and I are 96.7 percent sure we're moving to Cali in the fall! Morgan got accepted to graduate school at Stanford and we're waiting to hear about funding. Warm weather here come the Popes!!!

Andi said...

So THAT'S the trick! We need to get some cute girls over here. And by the way, your blog is one of my favorites to read. You're not giving yourself enough credit. Yay for new posts!

Kimberly said...

Dear Toby,

I think you look so great with your new haircut! It makes you look older, and very handsome.


Aunt Kim

P.S. Ashley...I hear you on blogging. Mostly I just do it for myself because I love going back and re-reading about all the things I've forgotten over the last few years. And I'm with everyone else that I love your posts. Excited to read more about your lives!