Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Skater Bros

The San Clemente skate park was one of our regular activities this summer. 

It was easier for me to take the boys there this year now that Chase has pretty much mastered every ramp on his razor so I didn't need to help as much anymore.

Toby ditched his scooter this summer, for the most part, and got pretty good on his skateboard, which was a relief to his Dad.

Ben, too, is doing good on the ramps on his board. 

 My 3 year old thinks he's as capable as any 9 year old, and in some cases he is.  
Chase scares everyone there when they see him for the first time going down really steep ramps. Especially, when he eats it and there's blood everywhere...people don't like that much. 

Ryan and I sit on the sidelines and tell older boys to "watch their mouths!"
Bunch a hoodlums I tell ya! 
Yes, I am that Mom. 

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