Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ryan is 5 months

Just waking up...I love how happy she is in the morning

How is she 5 months old already? 
How did this happen? 
And most importantly, how do I stop her from getting any older? 

I want to freeze her at this age and take care of my sweet baby for the rest of my life. She is just the best thing ever and in some ways is a lifesaver for me. Her smile is infectious and I just can't help having smiling wars with her any chance I get--but she always wins cause her smile is the best. I hope she stays this happy girl she is. We need more smiley happy people in this world. 

She is rolling over these days-not a ton but a little. She's in no hurry to take on anything too extreme yet. There are babies that are in a hurry to get their crawl on, but not this one. She's just a social little thing, content to catch your eye while laying on her back and get you to smile and talk to her. She's lucky to have so much action going on around her, and by that I mean Toby, Ben, and Chase.  

I often wonder what she thinks of us. 
I'm sure she thinks I'm bi-polar or schizophrenic  because one second I'm yelling something at the boys and then the next I'm all smiles and high pitched baby talk with her. 
Surely, it's confusing for her. 
It's confusing to me too, really. 

Oh how I love this little Ryan of mine. 
She was worth the wait, that's for sure. 
And dare I say worth this baby fat of mine that seems to be hanging on to dear life not wanting to let go of me. 
Todd says it's like a science experiment...that I have to stop eating as much or something like that...whatever Todd. 
I don't believe in calories.  


Meghann said...

Oh my heavens, she is CUTE!!! I wish my baby girl were a little easier going like Ryan. As always, your posts make me smile!

bostonshumways said...

i love it ash. I feel exactly the same way about peter. totally bi-polar. isn't it nice to have someone eeek the smiles out of you when everything else is so darn hard and hectic? what will we do when these little babies are 2 1/2 and driving us crazy? maybe this is why some people keep having babies.

miss you.

Ann said...

What a beauty she is! I see a little of all of you in her. Enjoy every moment for they do grow up so fast!

Andi said...

You are the cutest mom in the world! I wanted to freeze Owen at 5/6 months. Happiest baby ever! He's turning 1 today, so sad. Ryan is such a cutie, enjoy her!

Megan said...

Ava is super easy going, too and it has been heaven. No, she's not rushing through milestones, but she's still active and darling. And Ryan is just beautiful!