Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Dad

My Dad has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. He started having severe abdominal pain while my Mom was in Utah helping my sister Lindsey with her 4th new baby. The pain continued to increase and when I spoke with him on Sunday, still in the hospital, he was being given a shot of pain killer every 3 hours. By Monday, the pain was not even masked by the pain killers. After running every test possible they finally figured out by his second CT scan that there was some intestinal blockage and they had to operate on him. They also found that he had some form of pancreatitis. So by the time they operated on him, which was yesterday evening he was on the verge of organ failure and was in bad shape. When they opened him up they discovered that his intestine was twisted and had died at that section and that his old stomach had a hole in it and was leaking some sort of toxic fluid onto his pancreas, hence the pancreatitis. The surgery ended up being 5 hours all the while nurses kept coming out and telling my poor Mom that it was getting longer and longer. He is on a ventilator for 5 days, and will be in the ICU for at least that long. At this point his stomach is still not completely closed and still is leaking. Unfortunately he is also conscious right now as he has extremely low blood pressure (like his daughter) and sedating him would be dangerous. Keep him in your prayers if you can. We're all hoping that he heals up correctly and they can figure this all out. Thanks for your concern and prayers.


Rachel said...

Ashley, I am so sorry. I will definitely remember him, and the rest of your family, in my prayers. I hope everything works out okay.

Deidra said...

Hi Ashley,

Its Deidra & Mark...I saw your comment on Janes site and wanted to see what the Harris family was up to. Sweet Cups!! I need to have those...too funny! How cute is your little fam...I hope all is well. We are really sorry to hear about your Dad...Mark and I send our love and prayers.

Take care.

*megan said...

Hey Ash. I've been thinking of your dad since I read your blog a few days ago. How is he doing now? Is he out of the hospital? He is in our prayers.

Ashley said...

So, my Dad will be in the ICU for 2 weeks they said. He's still on the respirator. I just spoke with my Mom and she said that today was not such a good day for him. But we are hopeful that it will be getting better soon. Thanks again for your prayers.

Leslie said...

our prayers are right there, too. how very scary.