Thursday, January 17, 2013


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Gift

Chase's gift to me this year could not be better.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sleeping Babies

Aunt Jen filled in for me for a couple hours today. I came home to my little love asleep on the couch with her baby doll. Just love her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blogging again?

I am attempting to blog again. Does anyone blog still? I just got this app on my phone to make it more convenient.

We just spent last week in St. George with our west coast family for Thanksgiving. The boys love their cousins and keep saying "I wish we were still with them." Wish we lived closer to them too!

Now onto Christmas for a month!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Not another pee drinking incident...

We have serious issues. 
Today Toby got it.
"It" was Ben's pee in a costco coke cup. 
From Saturday. 

Maybe we should throw our cups away when we get out of the car. 
Sorry Toby. 

Also, are we the only family that has this much trouble with drinking pee? 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Silly Vain Mommy

So I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow...
so naturally I go get a spray tan and I can't shower for 12 hours...
and then a little while later my 5 month old cutie needs to nurse...
and then again...
and again...
so this is what she now looks like...
Sorry Ryan! Momma's gotta look GOOD!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ryan is 5 months

Just waking up...I love how happy she is in the morning

How is she 5 months old already? 
How did this happen? 
And most importantly, how do I stop her from getting any older? 

I want to freeze her at this age and take care of my sweet baby for the rest of my life. She is just the best thing ever and in some ways is a lifesaver for me. Her smile is infectious and I just can't help having smiling wars with her any chance I get--but she always wins cause her smile is the best. I hope she stays this happy girl she is. We need more smiley happy people in this world. 

She is rolling over these days-not a ton but a little. She's in no hurry to take on anything too extreme yet. There are babies that are in a hurry to get their crawl on, but not this one. She's just a social little thing, content to catch your eye while laying on her back and get you to smile and talk to her. She's lucky to have so much action going on around her, and by that I mean Toby, Ben, and Chase.  

I often wonder what she thinks of us. 
I'm sure she thinks I'm bi-polar or schizophrenic  because one second I'm yelling something at the boys and then the next I'm all smiles and high pitched baby talk with her. 
Surely, it's confusing for her. 
It's confusing to me too, really. 

Oh how I love this little Ryan of mine. 
She was worth the wait, that's for sure. 
And dare I say worth this baby fat of mine that seems to be hanging on to dear life not wanting to let go of me. 
Todd says it's like a science experiment...that I have to stop eating as much or something like that...whatever Todd. 
I don't believe in calories.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We made a spontaneous weekend trip up to Mammoth the week before school began. 
Todd was given a Friday off unexpectedly, so the next morning we packed up the van and headed to the mountains to enjoy some outdoor fun for the weekend. 
But not without our skateboards! 
Volcom has a sweet skate park there if you ever find 
yourself in Mammoth you should check it out. 

Even with his messed up face from a scooter accident he's still pretty adorable.

We rented some poles and went fishing one day. 
The boys caught a few fish and a whole lot of trees above us. 

This day also reaffirmed that I am married to the MOST PATIENT MAN ON EARTH.
He spent the day tying, and baiting, and fixing all the things that the boys messed up.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beaches Bonfires and Baby

I LOVE this picture of Ryan (3.5 months old) smiling at my Dad. 
She has a smile that just lights you up. 

Speaking of lit up...
We love ourselves a good bonfire!

One word: cheeks. 

Skater Bros

The San Clemente skate park was one of our regular activities this summer. 

It was easier for me to take the boys there this year now that Chase has pretty much mastered every ramp on his razor so I didn't need to help as much anymore.

Toby ditched his scooter this summer, for the most part, and got pretty good on his skateboard, which was a relief to his Dad.

Ben, too, is doing good on the ramps on his board. 

 My 3 year old thinks he's as capable as any 9 year old, and in some cases he is.  
Chase scares everyone there when they see him for the first time going down really steep ramps. Especially, when he eats it and there's blood everywhere...people don't like that much. 

Ryan and I sit on the sidelines and tell older boys to "watch their mouths!"
Bunch a hoodlums I tell ya! 
Yes, I am that Mom. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Orange County Fair

Megan and I took our 6 boys to the O.C. Fair in August. 
I was kind of dreading it. 
There's always such weird people at fairs and I always leave wanting a shower. 
Well, this year was not much different, except that the boys LOVED it.
Next year we won't wear sandals. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Funny Chase

I wish everyone knew Chase like I do.  He has always been an interestingly funny kid; in the things he says, the way he dances, and sometimes just the way that he walks. I would freeze him right now at this age (minus some tantrums) cause he just cracks us. 

(24 hour mohawk was all I could stand) 

3 months old

 Here is my GIRL at 3 months old. 
Have I mentioned how much fun having a GIRL is?! 


Toby took this picture of himself at some point in the summer. There was something about it that I liked. Maybe its how his freckles stand out or his blonde eyelashes or maybe it's because he's looking so grown up these days, I don't know...just liked it.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Max's Beach Day

It's hard to believe that we have gone a year without our nephew and cousin Max. We felt a huge hole in our family whenever we were together over the past year. We decided last year that we wanted to celebrate Max's life and legacy each year around the time of his birthday with "Max's Beach Day," doing the things that Max loved to do. This year the kids wrote notes to Max and tied them to balloons and sent them up to Heaven for Max. But Max would have loved the lego building contest (where everyone was a winner of course!) and the "minute to win it" games. We miss him dearly.  

4th of July

We headed north to San Luis Obispo for the 4th of July. Ryan and Leanne hosted it in the barn on their property and treated us to delicious food, 4-wheeling, water balloon fights, paintball wars and some blood sucking ticks. The kids were filthy, which means a successful 4th of July.