Monday, November 14, 2011

Not another pee drinking incident...

We have serious issues. 
Today Toby got it.
"It" was Ben's pee in a costco coke cup. 
From Saturday. 

Maybe we should throw our cups away when we get out of the car. 
Sorry Toby. 

Also, are we the only family that has this much trouble with drinking pee? 


Meghann said...

It's hard to not come read a post with a title like that... Poor Toby. :)

Ming said...

I'm going to venture and say yes. ;) Maybe it's time you start taking your boys to the bathroom before you get in the car so there are less cups that need to be filled. Just a thought. haha Poor poor Toby. Ick!

Rachael said...

Poor Toby! That is awful!

Kelly Woolley said...

Poor guy! Well, my kids have never drank each others pee but it's not unusual to find a ziplock full of pee in Grayson's door pocket that I forgot to throw away. But I find it....eventually!

megan said...

NO WAY!!!! I want to hear about from Toby himself. The Harris family always has a good pee story.

Brooke said...

That's funny. I always tell Todd's story. -p

nicokekeematipili said...

I'm just glad it wasn't Todd again!
Figure something out girl cause it's gonna be you next!!! haha maybe that's what it'll take to throw them cups out :)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I just found your blog through Mara and Danny's blog. 1st) I was laughing out loud as I read some of your posts. Not a good thing when I'm at work. 2nd)Your family is gorgeous. You are even gorgeous when you are pregnant (Yes, I blog stalked you and read back).

I just love your blog!

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