Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why I DID Like My Weekend

Despite my run-in with my neighbor, we had a nice weekend and (dun-d-d-dah) had our first house (or I guess apartment) guests stay with us. Our friends Geoff and Maxine came down from Boston and we spent Saturday night catching up over a delicious meal from Shake Shack (picture In-N-Out with a New York vibe to it) and some deep thinking conversation. We love those guys and so do our kids! The first thing they yell when they see Geoff walk through the door-"Horsey Ride!" Geoff and Maxine would babysit for us from time to time and so the boys formed a strong bond with them. And Geoff, who is 6'5",  made the mistake of providing them with a horse back ride one time, so now it's anticipated and expected. Sorry Geoff.  We sure love these guys and are trying to get them to move to New York after Geoff finishes at MIT next year. Please, oh please. 

My friend and I were talking last week about the Mom Blogs that gush over their husbands and make us feel bad that we don't on our blogs (if she would ever get one!).  So I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank Todd for being so gosh darn great! For one, he made me this for lunch, mmmm! We added this to the short list of things he cooks. You can make this for me any day! And yes, it was so momentous that I did, indeed, take a picture. 

He also got the boys to sit quiet and still for about 10 minutes. Here's how: 

Toby: I want hot chocolate! 
Ben: No, I want chocolate milk!
Me: Sorry Ben we're out of milk so we can't make chocolate milk. 
Me: No Ben, I'm not going to get you it if you act like that. 
Todd: If you guys can sit on the couch without talking and with your arms folded while I go get some milk you guys can have chocolate milk.
Toby: No, I don't want chocolate milk, I want hot chocolate. 
Todd: Okay you can have hot chocolate and Ben can have chocolate milk. Okay? 

Here's what happened. 

Minutes 1,2,3

Minutues 4, 5, 6

Minutes 7, 8, 9
Minute 10 milk arrives!
Minute 11--they almost died doing it, but being quiet for 10 minutes was actually possible and they lived to drink their chocolates, but just barely (Toby looks exhausted by the feat)

And of course, Todd's infamous butt crack. You know you've all seen it. It somehow makes its appearance whenever he wears pants. Which, is most of the time. The kid cannot keep a pair up to save his life. I use to think it was because he refused to grow up and not wear bagging pants but HE HAS and they still don't stay up. Grow a butt Todd! Either way it's kind of cute and now it's out there for the world to look at. This is just a sampling of why my husband is better than yours! So take that all you MomBloggers! 


Nathan said...

If bragging about your husband means posting a photo of his butt crack, then I'll pass on the compliments. :)

Nice play by play on the chocolate milk story...very entertaining and relevant.

Margo said...

I just have to say that I LOVE spying on your blog because you are way too funny, and am 100% jealous that you get to live in such a fun place. Stink on the lady who lives below you, I hope she moves tomorrow.

Brooke said...

Todd is gosh darn great! And yes, we have all seen that crack before. Maybe he could get butt implants. They make implants for everything, right?

Love, love, love the boys sequence waiting for their specified chocolates. They are amazing!

Watts Family said...

Jealousy, its what I am feeling at the moment. And it has nothing to do with Todd and how amazing his butt crack is. It is, however, because we were not your first house guests. We are looking in plane tickets at the moment and early next year looks like a strong possibility. I sent your very late bday package today. So watch out for it and cross your fingers that your sweet neighbor doesn't get it before you do. It actually might do her some good... you will see. Love you , Chanel

Kimberly said...

Every time Jason gets his hands on the camera he takes pictures of Ethan's and Colin's butt cracks for some reason. I guess it's the only proof he has that he contributed to their DNA. No one in my family believes it's genetic...they all think I'm just dressing my kids wrong.

By the way, I'm jealous that you can run out and get milk in under 10 minutes. That would be so convenient!

Ann said...

Your blog is more comedic than any TV show. For the record...the infamous butt crack comes through the Harris line.

PapaRandy said...

More on the genetic link to the Harris Butt:
1) There is just not much there.
2) The whole thing is placed 3 inches higher than most other people.
3) Lack of fat cell "padding" and being positioned higher than normal means we sit on our butt bone with nothing but a thin layer of skin to cushion us. Ouch!
4) The lack of normal fat cells in our butt area means they obviously had to be relocated somewhere else; unfortunately to the front belly area (which only adds to the disproportion).
Sad, butt true!

Pete and Repete said...