Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If Love Was a Baby

If love was a baby his name would be Chase. There is nothing I don't absolutely adore about this kid. Even a middle of the night bottle for him is not that bad because he goes right back down once he gets it.

Chase turned 1 today. Where oh where did this year go? How is he still alive is a better question. With his 2 older brothers around 24/7, combined with the neglect that comes from being the 3rd child, it is truly a miracle that he made it to 1.

Some of my favorite things about Chase:

-His little growl when he turbo crawls it to destroy a train set, block tower, or anything else the boys don't want him to get.

-His willingness/desire to sleep in a portable crib in the closet of the boys' room.

-His nuzzle into my shoulder when I ask for "loves."

-His snotty-nosed, open mouthed kiss when I ask for "kisses."

-His belly laugh when he gets tickled.

-His desperate look on his face when he's being carried by Toby.

-His face when he sees me in the morning.

I am the luckiest Mom to get to be with this little angel every day. Happy birthday little man!


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday little Chase man! You just get cuter and cuter.

Nancy said...

Oh, I miss that baby--as well as his brothers. You create a perfect picture. I didn't know he slept in the closet. My sister Marti did that for a while too in my closet. (In pre-porta-crib days.)

megan said...

I don't know about you, but I think he might be the cutest Harris--and you have some pretty darn cute ones!! Can't wait to see him and the rest of ya'll!